Why Are Casual Dresses Such A Key Part of My Wardrobe?

The casual dress can take you anywhere from brunch with a friend to grocery shopping to the workplace. Learn why the casual dress is such a wardrobe staple.

Dresses are for every day and every situation. Casual dresses are a key part of my wardrobe. Dresses are simple to wear and yet they can be dressed up for fancy occasions or dressed down for the comfort of lounging around the house. Dresses are great for all times of day or night, and for all four seasons. They can be empowering, flattering but most importantly of all – just plain comfortable! 

From morning to night
One of the biggest reasons that I love dresses is that they are good from morning to night. When coming home from work meetings there is not the urge or need to get out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable. I am already in something that is beyond comfortable. When heading out with friends or family, I am already dressed and ready to go. The comfort at home also is great for dining out or even at the theater. It is great to know that I don’t have to worry about changing in order to go from place to place. Dresses are a staple on my wardrobe. 

Great for all seasons
A dress is good to wear all year round. In the hot summer sun, a casual dress is light and cool and easy to wear at home and at the beach. Fall dresses are made of patterns that match the season and are easy to just throw a cardigan over if it gets chilly. Winter is cold but by adding leggings or tights to the look, dresses can also be worn in the cooler air. During the spring, dresses with flower prints are a great way to celebrate the coming of the summer months. Dresses can also be season-less, this means that they are year-round wardrobe staples and there is no worry about ensuring it matches the time of year.

Make it your own fashion
One of the best things about wearing casual dresses is the ability to accessorize to suit any occasion. The footwear can change the look; During the fall or winter months wearing knee-high boots or fluffy boots not only dress up your outfit but also keep your feet warm to ensure that you enjoy the night. For work or just everyday chores such as shopping, wearing flats are super comfortable and can transition the dress into casual attire. For the beach or hanging out, put on those flip flops! No matter what footwear you choose, your dress is the supporting player (pssst….you are the star!)

Earrings and necklaces can modify the look of your casual dress as well. Adding   a cool necklace, I love yellow gold elevates the look. A simple chain necklace can downplay the outfit to resemble your relaxed state. 

Dresses are a simple way to start the day
Waking up and getting ready for the day can be stressful. Are you ready for the day? What are you going to eat? What are the plans from now until tonight… and all the other basic everyday stressors? Getting dressed should not be stressful, yet many days this is an added chore. Looking into your closet and trying to figure out what matches with what…does this shirt match my pants, are these patterns classing? My closet is full of dresses because this one-piece clothing makes these decisions easier and a dress is always a perfect fit for whatever my mood is, or for the weather. I put it on and then I am done and have the time and energy to focus on the actual stressors of the day. 

I am empowered!
There is a theory in the workplace that in order to succeed you have to dress for it. There is the power suit and women wearing shirts and ties….nonsense! There is nothing wrong with dressing for success but that choice is ours and the most important aspect of succeeding is feeling yourself and comfortable.  Dresses can show the same power and respect without losing your own sense of comfort and identity.  If you love dresses, choose the one that fits, flatters, and makes you feel empowered and confident. That is how to command respect – by wearing the clothing that makes you feel your best.

Why Roma?
Roma dresses are made with comfort and style in mind. Roma label was created to empower women and bring out the best of everyone through what they wear. By using exclusive prints, we bring the uniqueness out. Wearing comfortable easy-to-wear outfits empowers all people and also means helping those who need it the most. A portion of all Roma dress wear sales goes to help various charities in Los Angeles. 

Dresses are for any occasion. My closet is full of dresses  alongside my accessories so that I am ready for any occasion. I feel like an empowered woman who can embrace my feminine side along with my powerful characteristics. For more information about Roma and our dresses, click here. While checking out the website be sure to look at how purchasing clothes for you can help those in need. For more information about Roma Label’s charity work, click here.